Pregnant Maci Bookout: Boyfriend Spends Time Away With Bentley For ‘Boys Weekend’

When Maci Bookout announced her pregnancy, fans of the reality show star were stunned, to say the least. Although she has been in a stable relationship for quite some time, the Teen Mom star gave no indication that she and her boyfriend, Taylor McKinney, were trying for a baby. It turns out, though, that the two weren’t exactly trying. In fact, Maci didn’t even think that she would be able to get pregnant again!

As previously by the Inquisitr, Maci Bookout suffers from PCOS and was stunned when she realized she was expecting another little one. Talking about the pregnancy, she revealed that her unborn daughter is a miracle baby.

“I knew my chances of getting pregnant were very low. We got a test and it said I was pregnant.”

She also revealed that, although she and Taylor McKinney do not have any immediate plans for marriage (she says things will come together), she is more comfortable this time around.

“Last time there was a lot of worry and concern… It was just me and Bentley facing the world together and I had to figure things out as I went. This time I’m able to be excited because I’m older and able to give my baby the stability of the relationship that Taylor and I have.”

While fans have not yet met Taylor McKinney, they will have the chance to meet him on the new season of Teen Mom which is set to premiere next month. However, fans don’t need a television show to realize that Maci Bookout’s man is going to be a great father. In fact, he has already stepped up and is an excellent role model to Maci’s six-year-old son, Bentley. In fact, the two spent Valentine’s weekend together in Dallas, Texas for a “boy’s weekend.”

“My Valentines! Hoping you all have a great Valentine’s Day, filled with safe and smart decisions. Follow @candiesorg to learn more! #NoTeenPreg,” Maci Bookout wrote in Instagram along with a photo of Taylor and Bentley on a plane.

The pregnant reality show star seems to have spent the holiday alone, snuggled in bed with her dog.

“Spending valentine’s day with bonnie while our boys are in Texas for supercross.”

Taylor McKinney shared an Instagram photo of his excursion with Bentley in Dallas and it looks like the two boys had a great time. There is no doubt that once his baby with Maci Bookout is born, Taylor will be a great father.

[Image: via Instagram]