Bobbi Kristina Brown Latest: Nick Gordon Told He’s Not Welcome At Home He Shared With Bobbi

Bobbi Kristina Brown's 'Husband' Fake? Bobby Brown Says Nick Gordon Never Married His Daughter

As Bobbi Kristina Brown battles against all odds to come out of the situation a drug overdose left her in with doctors having put her in a coma and on life support, her so-called husband, Nick Gordon, has reportedly been told he’s no longer welcome at the home he shared with her.

Radar Online reported today that, as well as being banned from visiting Bobbi in the hospital. Nick has also been sent packing, and was told to make alternative living arrangements for himself in the wake of what happened to Bobbi.

An inside source revealed to Radar some details.

“Nick has been told the townhouse is no longer available for him to live in and to find other living accommodations. The locks have been changed, and since it’s a gated community, security has been notified to not let Nick anywhere on the premises. If Nick is spotted anywhere in the complex or near the residence, there have been strict instructions to call the police immediately so he can be cited for trespassing.”

On the evening of January 31, the night Bobbi Kristina Brown was admitted to North Fulton Hospital after being found unconscious in the bathtub at her Atlanta home, Gordon reportedly got into a fight with security at the facility and was removed from the premises.

As a source revealed at the time, “You could hear scuffling” around her room, “About maybe two to three minutes later, they came back with this person and they had their hands…like holding onto him and you could see that everybody was distressed.”

A friend of the Brown family also told the publication that it’s no wonder Gordon was removed from the hospital as the incident is being investigated as a criminal matter by the police.

“Since Bobbi’s drowning is being investigated as a criminal matter, it’s not surprising that Nick isn’t allowed to go near the place. The townhouse could have vital clues about what really happened before Bobbi’s terrible drowning.”