Mzbel Says She Can Pray ‘In Tongues,’ But Jesus Christ Is ‘Made Up’

Ghanian artist Mzbel made one powerful declaration that she doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ and that he is “made up,” according to Spy Ghana. And that’s not all.

The 35-year-old African star was raised a Christian, but has since changed her mind. In an interview on the television show, Restoration With Stacy, Mzbel had an awful lot to say about Jesus and the beliefs about him that she was raised with.

The show, which deals with “issues affecting daily lives from religion, hardship or relationship,” asked the “Saucy Girl” singer if she believed in Jesus Christ. Mzbel had a saucy answer. She referred to Jesus as “it” and compared the story at the center of the Christian religion to the Egyptian story of Horus.

Mzbel stated, “I used to believe in ‘it’ but I did my own research and I think ‘it’ was made up but I might be wrong. The same story 5,000 years ago happened in Egypt…”

So the popstar found similarities between the two stories, so Jesus must totally be “made up?”

The interviewer moved on, asking her if she believed in the Old Testament of the Bible, to which Mzbel responded, “I do, yes.”

When the interviewer pointed out that the coming of Jesus Christ was foretold in the Old Testament, Mzbel jumped in and stated, “It says the Messiah. It did not say Jesus Christ.”

The Ghanian star went on to say that she had prayed about it, but not just any prayer, she spoke “in tongues.”

According to Joy Online, she went on to say, “I used to believe in ‘it’, I prayed in tongues. I can pray in tongue right now. I actually prayed in my room one time until the room was filled up in smoke…but now trust me, I will not believe in it anymore.”

So she can speak in tongues causing the room to fill up with smoke, but Jesus Christ is “made up?”

According to NPR, despite years of doubt, there is historical evidence that Jesus did exist, although “the Gospels do portray Jesus in ways that are non-historical,” unable to be proven.

But according to NPR, many people, like Mzbel, get caught up in needing proof but what they should be focusing on is “Jesus’ teachings of love, and mercy and forgiveness.”

So how are people feeling about Mzbel’s comments? Are they siding more with Mzbel or with Bart Ehrman of NPR?

While there are many believers of Jesus Christ out there, many are defending Mzbel’s right to have her own opinion and expressing the need for tolerance in conflicts of this nature.

While Mzbel is not sure of the existence of Jesus Christ, I think it’s safe to say that she has stirred up a whole lot of controversy with her comments.

[Photo Courtesy of GH Base]