Smartstones: A Wearable Gesture-Driven Communication Tool For Those Unable To Speak

Those who are unable to speak will soon have a new device that allows them to communicate intuitively. Smartstones Inc. has introduced Smartstones Touch, a simple interactive device to communicate non-verbally through an innovative technology.

Termed as “aware-able” technology, the SmartStones Touch first wearable device allows you to send messages with tap, swipe, and shaking gestures. Claimed to be the first of its kind, Smartstones Touch is a essentially a touch-based communication device that allows the wearer to effectively convey non-verbal communication through a simple-to-use, always-on device that resembles a stone, explained SmartStones founder Andreas Forsland,

“Most of us take communication for granted, until we can’t communicate. At Smartstones, we’re pioneering a new method of non-verbal communications that bring people closer together. Technology is remarkably powerful, but it’s also really complicated. And when you’re dealing with children, older folks, or even time-deprived professionals, simplicity is what matters.”

He argues that the world today is overly dependent on verbal and visual form of communication. There’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many other forms of non-interfacial communication tools, but they lack the simplest forms of inter-personal communication. Smartstones Touch was designed for such a form of communication, one that takes place between two humans facing each other, and one of them being speech-impaired.

Smartstones Touch doesn’t have an operating system to govern its operation, claims the company’s newly-launched Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign page. The stone doesn’t have any dials to turn. Smartstones Touch can be used to communicate by simply tapping, swiping, or shaking the device, explained the company’s statement.

“The recipient stone will illuminate and vibrate in an easily recognizable color and light pattern combination called a ‘Hapticon’. The pebble-like communications device connects users to their loved ones at a fundamental level from anywhere in the world, allowing them to feel their feelings, their location, or convey a basic need or request.”

The SmartStone Is Packed With Sensors For Simplistic Communication

These devices also come in pairs, and those who are unable to speak can communicate with their loved ones who are wearing a similar device through a series of lights, tones, and vibrations. To do so, Smartstones Touch devices are infused with a lot of sensors, shared the company.

“The device can detect motion gestures, multi-touch taps, and swipes. From there, the information gets sent in a small data packet over the internet to other people in your network. Recipients can receive the messages in the form of either a text, voice, in app message, alert, or lastly, the SmartStone.”

Being all-weather resistant, Smartstones Touch can be worn during any activity and is especially meant for children, the elderly, people with disabilities, and anyone who struggles to communicate, assures the company.

[Image Credit | SmartStones Inc./Indiegogo]