Harry Styles’ New Model Girlfriend Wants Taylor Swift To Shut Up Already [Rumor]

Harry Styles’ new girlfriend is allegedly sick of hearing Taylor Swift sing about the One Direction singer. Harry is currently in what seems to be a pretty serious relationship with Victoria’s Secret model Nadine Leopold, but Swift just can’t seem to let go of the past.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Taylor Swift’s music video for the song “Style” pays homage to her relationship with Harry Styles. One scene in the video shows Taylor clutching a paper plane necklace that looks a lot like the one Harry gave her back when they were dating. Swift seemingly can’t stop reminding the world that she and Styles were once an item, and Nadine Leopold is reportedly fed up with the female singer’s obsession with dredging up the past.

“For one thing, it’s making his relationship with Nadine more difficult,” a source told Hollywood Life.

“They feel like wherever they go, they are hearing Taylor’s songs on the radio.”

The source revealed that Nadine Leopold just wants Taylor Swift to get over Harry Styles, and she “doesn’t think it’s right for Taylor to draw this out anymore.”

Unfortunately for Leopold, Swift has made a fortune writing songs about her past loves, so her defunct relationship with Styles might provide song fodder for years to come. Nadine also might be annoyed that Taylor is still pals with Harry.

Back in January, a video surfaced that appeared to show Taylor Swift awkwardly ignoring Harry Styles in the lobby of a hotel. However, the video didn’t tell the whole story — later the former lovers were spotted sharing dinner with a group of pals.

If Swift is interested in slowly winning Styles back by being his friend, she might not accomplish her goal anytime soon. According to the Irish Independent, Harry is reportedly so smitten with Nadine Leopold that he has her initials tattooed somewhere on his body.

A source told Grazia magazine that Nadine recently impressed the One Direction singer by pulling out all the stops for his 21st birthday.

“Nadine flew in from a shoot in Istanbul to celebrate with Harry. They borrowed a friend’s Malibu mansion for the weekend and she hired a chef to cook them an eight-course meal. She also arranged for a tattoo artist to ink him a new design for his birthday.”

The source claimed that Harry is even looking to buying an apartment in New York City so that he can spend more time with his gorgeous girlfriend.

Do you think Taylor Swift needs to quit revisiting her relationship with Harry Styles out of respect for Nadine Leopold?

[Image credits: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty]