Taylor Swift Releases 'Style' Music Video, Shows Her Sexual, Sensual Side

Taylor Swift's music video for her single "Style" accidentally leaked Friday morning, hours before it was set to debut on Good Morning America. The Much Music blog leaked the video earlier than expected. Fans were able to stream Taylor's new music video through the Much Music website. It's a good thing that Taylor Nation didn't have the video removed. The "Style" music video shows artsy elements, and a sexual and sensual side of Taylor that fans have never seen before.

Swift's "Blank Space" and "Shake It Off" singles continue to hover on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, according to Rolling Stone. The singer has already released a music video for her third single "Style," off her album 1989. While the first two singles showed off Swift's playful and goofy side, this music video showcases her in an abstract light and a slightly sexier side.


The music video for "Style" finds Taylor picking up the pieces of her infamous relationship with Harry Styles. Throughout the video, the gorgeous man is haunted by images and memories of Taylor. The video also shows Taylor undressing her on-again, off-again boyfriend. Fans also get to see glimpses of Taylor under the sheets and pursing her iconic red lips. Taylor and her boyfriend are reunited again until the "Style" music video fades out.

Swift, 25, also dons a "tight little skirt" and white lace dress in the music video. There are also beautiful shots and closeups of the singer. Swift also runs barefoot into a dark forest and disappears into a cloud of smoke. The singer also shows fans a close-up of the airplane necklace that Harry Styles gave her during their relationship.


Fans are already confused about Taylor's "Style" music video. They believe that the somber and moody video doesn't fit with the pop feel of the song. Other fans think that the music video would fit in better with Taylor's sexy song "Wildest Dreams" or the anxious "Out of the Woods," which is also about an on-again, off-again relationship. She also refers to the airplane necklace in the song.

"Style" is reportedly about Swift's ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles of One Direction. It's one of the most obviously inspired Styles songs on the album.

Swift even told Rolling Stone, "We should have just called it 'I'm Not Even Sorry.'"

Fans have been wondering who the hunky man in the music video is. It's none other than Sarah Hyland's boyfriend, Dominic Sherwood. Taylor's "Style" music video was cleverly released during New York Fashion Week. What do you think of Taylor Swift's sexy new music video?

[Images: Taylor Swift/VEVO]