Georgia Man Necrophilia Case: Funeral Home Thief Charged With Assault Of Corpse

A Georgia man is being charged with necrophilia after cops made a shocking discovery during a robbery investigation earlier this week. According to the Ledger-Enquirer, Columbus police arrested Domonique Smith on Monday for a robbery that happened on Sunday night. Cops found a bike stolen from a funeral home in his possession at the time of his arrest.

The robbery happened overnight at the Hill Watson Peoples Funeral Service. Video footage from the scene helped police identify the suspect, and the same footage revealed the man sexually assaulted the corpse of a dead woman at the funeral home.

According to Raw Story, Police Maj. Gil Slouchick shared more details about the case with the media.

“The results of our investigation and the forensic examination gave us probable cause to believe that this individual had indeed sexually assaulted a dead body.”

Police did not reveal what sexual act took place, but there was enough evidence from the video footage to file a charge of necrophilia against the man on Thursday. He will appear in court on Monday for the charge.

Smith was found in an abandoned home on Monday, and the stolen bike was not all he had in his possession. Inside the unoccupied home, police found TVs and guns.

Before the addition of the necrophilia charge, police charged Smith with “second-degree burglary, entering an unoccupied dwelling, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and theft by receiving stolen property.”

The identity of the dead woman assaulted by Smith was not released by the funeral home, but the owner, Cedric Hill, told the media that her family was immediately contacted.

“We hold our families dear. We look for the best protection and security for the families we have served in this community for 65 years.”

Necrophilia is not common. Capt. Gordon Griswould of the Columbus Police told the media that he could not remember the last time someone in the area was charged with the crime. It is “extremely rare.”

If convicted, Domonique Smith can spend up to 10 years in prison. He had already pleaded guilty to the other charges against him during his two previous court appearances earlier this week.

Even with the rarity of the crime, this is not the first necrophilia case to make headlines in recent months. Back in December, Gregory Graf was arrested for the murder of his stepdaughter, Jessica Padgett. After he killed her, he had sex with her corpse. He murdered her specifically to commit these acts with her dead body.

Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli spoke about the case, according to a previously released story by the Inquisitr.

“We’re very confident in the strength of our case. We do have overwhelming evidence. As I indicated in court today, the defendant did confess to this crime, he led investigators to where the body was located and he filmed the sexual acts he was performing on Ms. Padgett. And we’re in possession of all that evidence.”

Graf’s defense attorney revealed that he planned to use a mental health defense for his client.

In the case of Domonique Smith, he did not know the victim. What do you think of this shocking Georgia crime?

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