Budi, A Baby Orangutan, Makes A Breakthrough After Being Confined And Starved During Infancy

A baby orangutan named Budi is is recovering after 10 months of neglect during his infancy, and his caregivers have finally reported a breakthrough in his progress. According to International Animal Rescue, Budi, an orangutan in Indonesia, was confined to a chicken cage and given only condensed milk to eat for almost the entire first year of his life. Inquisitr covered the original story about the orangutan when Budi was first taken into veterinary care by the rescue organization.

“We cannot even imagine how much pain this small baby has suffered,” program director Dr. Karmele L. Sanchez, said prior to his breakthrough in physiotherapy, according to KTVU News. “His eyes fill with tears every time he’s moved by the doctors and he screams in pain. It’s really amazing that Budi has been able to survive this long.”

On February 13, Budi’s caregivers announced a breakthrough in his physiotherapy.

“We are excited to share this video with our supporters. This is one of Budi’s daily physical therapy sessions at IAR’s Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre. Vet Ayu is counting 1…2…3…! in Indonesian. Budi is able to hold onto her fingers as she lifts him which is a massive improvement!”

Budi arrived at the rescue center in critical condition, severely anemic, and malformed due to malnutrition. His veterinarians reported that his body was swollen with fluid and he was unable to sit on his own, at an age when healthy orangutans would be climbing and playing.

“When Budi first arrived he didn’t even have the muscle strength to open his own mouth. The vets would have to gently press the sides of his mouth so it would open enough for them to get food into him to help him grow stronger. Now, when he sees food arriving he opens his mouth wide and holds onto the vet’s hand to help her guide it in!”

Caregivers at the rescue organization were worried that the baby orangutan would not survive, because he was in such terrible condition. Now, they say they are delighted with his improvement and the major breakthrough in his physiotherapy. They say they hope that breakthroughs in his progress will come more frequently and that they “will one day see him swinging in the trees where he belongs!”

See how far Budi has come by watching the earlier video below. The organization accepts donations for Budi’s rehabilitation through a special “adoption” program that has been set up for the orangutan, so that he might have many breakthroughs in healing in the months ahead.

[Photo via YouTube]