Jon Gosselin Owes His Former Company $1 Million After Scamming Them To Help Competitor

Jon Gosselin is in some serious hot water after a former employer hit him with a $1 million judgment claiming that the Jon & Kate Plus Eight star is a scammer.

Jon worked for Securus, a company that sells electronic payment processing systems to merchants, allowing them to use iPhones to accept credit card payments. But Securus claims that instead of going on sales calls to convince merchants to buy the product, Jon was actually bad-mouthing the company and trying to get them to sign with a competitor.

TMZ noted that Jon Gosselin got in even more trouble by ignoring the lawsuit:

Securus sued Jon and he didn’t respond, so the judge entered a default judgment for more than a million bucks.

Jon Gosselin has been taking some other heat lately. His now ex-wife Kate Gosselin is rumored to be dating Jeff Prescott, the millionaire foudner of the popular image-buying site Dreamstime, and he isn’t too fond of Jon.

In a recent interview Prescott referred to Jon as a “deadbeat,” implying that he’s left Kate to care for the eight kids all on her own.

“She’s a single mother with a deadbeat father in the picture and eight kids. She has a lot on her plate,” Prescott argues, adding, “She does really well with what she has. The image people portray and who she really is are very different.”

Kate has also opened up about her failed relationship, saying that she and Jon were in trouble for quite some time.

“That 2008-2009 time frame, there was just nothing stable,” Kate said of her 2009 split, which was already set in motion by the time she and Jon moved into a new home. “We were in a new house. It was a lot of good, busy — and yet, kind of the cracks in the wall in terms of our marriage, were finally, you know, cracking all the way through and crumbling,” she said.

Jon Gosselin didn’t comment about the $1 million he owes his former company, but this isn’t the only financial problem he faces. Last year he was evicted from his home after failing to make rent payments.