Lily James Waist: Did Disney Digitally ‘Shrink’ Cinderella’s Waistline Or Is James Wearing A Corset?

Did Disney take liberties to digitally “shrink” Lily James’ waist, or did the actress just wear a corset for her role of Cinderella? That’s the question some are asking after the movie’s world premiere Friday night. Neither James nor Helena Bonham-Carter would recommend anyone wear the highly “restrictive” costumes they wore for the film. The dresses were tight and not a feasible choice for someone’s daily article of clothing, according to Reuters.

The blue dress that Lily wears in the title role is a stunning blue piece by British designer Sandy Powell. The design is worn for the ball where Cinderella dances with the prince (played by Richard Madden) at the ball.

James admits that the glamorous dresses were insanely tight.

“They’re so magical and you put them on and you suddenly stand different and you feel different and then it’s all part of that magic — but they were quite painful, they fit so tight.”

In a statement to Buzzfeed, it reads that James’ agent reached out to them and “denied the images for the trailer had been digitally altered, saying her waist appears that way because she is wearing a corset.”

A corset expert at Buzzfeed doesn’t believe the Lily James’ waist in the Cinderella flick is attainable and that post-production editing was definitely involved.

Catherine Clavering is a corset expert and founder and designer of Kiss Me Deadly. She puts in her two cents worth of the Cinderella waistline flap.

“The reality is that if someone starts with an unusually small waist measurement (by modern standards) and then wears a really well-constructed corset, you can obtain a waist measurement of 18 inches, or sometimes less, entirely by nondigital means.

“In this case, Cinderella’s dress also has enormous volume in the bust/shoulder and in the skirt, which helps to emphasize the cinched in waist in between. The trailer and stills are all similarly proportioned, and the designer states that 270 yards of fabric were involved, with a corset and crinoline.

“That doesn’t mean it wasn’t also helped by editing, of course.”

Several on Twitter were arguing that James’ waist in the movie was way too small for even her size. Megan Fox walked the red carpet a few years ago with an incredibly tiny waist in which she credited the confines of a corset to further decrease the already small size of it.

Did Disney digitally edit Lily James’ waist in for the movie?

[Photo Credit: Facebook via Buzzfeed]