New ‘Mary Mary’ WETV Season 4 Trailer Released: Tina Campbell Smashes Husband Teddy’s Windshield, Angers Erica And Warryn By Going Back To Manager Mitch

The new Season 4 episode of the WE tv show featuring gospel singers Mary Mary certainly looks juicy, with Erica Campbell claiming all hell is breaking loose between her and her sister, Tina Campbell.

The new season of Mary Mary premieres Thursday, March 5 at 10 p.m. E.T./ 9 p.m. CT, and the Season 4 trailer just released by WE tv certainly shows lots of fireworks going on in the episodes of the fourth season. First off, Tina still is dealing with the fallout from her husband Teddy Campbell’s infidelity, as was well documented in previous seasons of Mary Mary.

Originally, Teddy Campbell confessed to his wife Tina a certain level of unfaithfulness, but as the Mary Mary episodes continued, it became clear to Tina that there was more infidelity than she first realized. Tina took a long journey through forgiveness, anger, pain, and rage in order help save her marriage — and the couple fasted and prayed together to make it through without divorcing. However, the new trailer for Mary Mary shows the raw reality of that process, with Tina praying in tongues and displaying the aftermath of her anger: a car with windows that have been smashed, revealing a series of holes in the windshield, and confessions from Tina that the enemy tried to get her to kill herself.

Meanwhile, Tina and Teddy seem to be doing much better because the Mary Mary singer preached her first sermon, reports Christian Today, with full support from her husband. As far as Tina’s relationship with her Mary Mary singing partner and sister, however, that appears to be a lot dicier, as the duo split in the past when they decided to try solo careers. Erica Campbell has felt guilt for going solo, reports Madame Noire, and the Mary Mary situation seems rocky well into this fourth season of show. Tina apparently turns to former manager Mitch Solarek for help, a man who was embroiled in a lawsuit against Mary Mary because of disputed funds, reports TMZ.

This move by Tina angers Erica and Warryn Campbell, because Warryn is shown in the new season trailer video expressing the fact that he spent $40,000 on Mary Mary, and for Tina to pull a stunt like that seemed ungrateful to Erica and Warryn. In a moving scene, the Mary Mary audience is left in a cliffhanger state, where it’s unknown if one sister will show up for the other at an important event. Perhaps now that Beyonce’s 2015 Grammy performance of “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” has gone viral, as reported by the Inquisitr, Mrs. Carter could once again collaborate with Mary Mary as she has done in the past and help get them back together again.

[Image via Mary Mary/WE tv]