The Puppet’s Court: Local News Covers Dimora Trial With Puppets [Video]

WOIO news isn’t allowed to bring its cameras into the corruption trial ex-Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora. But that isn’t stopping them from covering it. The news team has decided to hold “The Puppet’s Court,” which uses official court transcripts and puppet actors.

WOIO news director Dan Salamone told CBS:

“It’s a satirical look at the trial and, again, I think we have it appropriately placed at the end of the newscast. It’s not intended in any way to replace any of the serious coverage of the trial.”

Dimora, a former county Democratic chairman in Cleveland, is standing trial for bribery and racketeering. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges. The Jimmy Dimora trial is a serious issue, but who cares, these puppets are hilarious. During one episode of “The Puppet’s Court,” the puppets act out conversations about STDs, hookers in Las Vegas, and Chinese food.

Here’s a clip from the first day of the Jimmy Dimora trial.

Here’s day two of “The Puppet’s Court.”

What do you think of “The Puppet’s Court.” Should the news team at WOIO stick to straight reporting? Or should all court room trials be covered this way?