Uma Thurman’s Face: Makeup Artist, Chief Plastic Surgeon Speak Out About Her New Look

Uma Thurman has been creating headlines for her new look. The actress stepped out on the red carpet on Monday with a noticeably different look than fans are used to seeing on her. The photos of Uma sparked plastic surgery rumors on the Internet. Not only has Uma denied getting plastic surgery, but so has her makeup artist, Troy Surratt.

Surratt recently spoke to People about Thurman’s new look. He obviously wanted try something new on the Slap star. Surratt revealed that he didn’t understand how people couldn’t tell that Thuman’s new look came from makeup.

“Frankly, I’m quite surprised by the conversation. By now I would have thought that we were all open to and knowledgeable of the role that makeup plays in the world of fashion and particularly celebrity, as a medium for creative self expression. I think that women should feel open and free to experiment with different beauty looks — it’s only makeup, at the end of the day it all washes off.”

Troy dubbed Uma’s new look as “effortless Parisienne chic.” He only focused on her lips and complexion. No mascara or eyeliner was used at all, which is why Uma looked different than usual.

“I wanted to give Uma a statement lip balanced by a more feathered brow. Uma and I discussed creating a look that was more editorial with soft natural lashes. As a makeup artist I’ve grown a bit tired of all of the lash-y looks and fake eyelashes that we’ve been seeing on the red carpet for some time now.”

Her makeup artist also told Refinery 29 that he did use shimmery, silk-beige on her lids.

Dr Karlinsky3 (1)

Surratt isn’t the only one coming to Thurman’s defense lately. Dr. Victoria Karlinsky, chief cosmetic surgeon of New Look New Life in the Upper West Side, also believes that the actress didn’t have plastic surgery.

“She looks different because of drastically different makeup. I do not think she had plastic surgery. I looked carefully to see any changes in the shape of the eyes, nose, lids, jawline. There is nothing that I can see that indicates she underwent surgical procedures.”

Uma was rumored to have plastic surgery in the early to mid-2000s. Dr. Karlinsky thinks that Uma has used Botox, fillers and chemical peels over the years. However, she doesn’t think the actress has ever gone under the knife.

“Based on the photos in this article, I think she has been utilizing non-invasive modalities such as botulinum, fillers, skin care (peels, lasers, creams). If she did have something invasive done, it was done very well, because she looks beautiful, age appropriate, like herself, only more mature version and very well taken care of.”

Thurman went on the Today show on Thursday morning to discuss her new show, The Slap, and the plastic surgery rumors. She responded, “I guess nobody liked my makeup,” according to a report on the Inquisitr. What do you think of Uma Thurman’s new red carpet look?

[Photos by Jim Spellman/WireImage, Dr. Victoria Karlinsky/New Look New Life)