iPhone 6 Plus Data Consumption Reports Are Misleading

The iPhone 6 Plus is the hottest selling phablet in the smartphone world right now, but it allegedly comes at a price. According to several websites, the 6 Plus drives more data than other iPhones, including the iPhone 6. BGR puts a more honest spin on the iPhone 6 Plus data usage reports.

“Because the iPhone 6 Plus has a significantly bigger screen than any other iPhone, it provides a better viewing experience and is therefore used much more often for data-heavy services like video streaming. This is obviously something that could lead to additional data charges.”

Saying that a device such as the iPhone 6 Plus guzzles more data than even the regular iPhone 6 is deceiving. It doesn’t mean that someone who uses the 6 Plus and the 6 in the same exact way will experience radical data usage differences.

The iPhone 6 Plus is like a tablet, so people are prone to use it more. The smartphone, released in September of 2014, has received excellent reviews. Sean Hollister from Gizmodo pretty much summarized how the critics felt about the iPhone 6 Plus.

“At a glorious 5.5 inches diagonal, Apple’s giant new handset has practically everything a modern Android lover adores: a giant 1080p screen, a crazy-fast processor, an impressive camera, a battery that doesn’t quit, and yes: a landscape keyboard. If you’re already an Apple iPhone owner lusting after a Samsung Galaxy Note-sized screen, there’s little question that you should buy an iPhone 6 Plus.”

Apple had a very hard time keeping up with iPhone 6 Plus demand, but according to Tech Times, Apple has finally been able to meet demand as of last month.

“After months of long wait times for the most popular models of the iPhone 6 Plus, it appears that every model is now available and in stock from the Apple store. While discounts and sales on the devices are currently hard to find, this is usually the point at which retailers begin cutting prices.”

It is likely that the next version of the iPhone 6 Plus, likely called the iPhone 6s Plus, will guzzle more data than the current version. The smartphone is expected to have a Quad HD screen, a better Touch ID, a faster processor, and an even better camera. Most sources believe the iPhone 6s Plus will be unveiled with the iPhone 6s in September. The new iPhone will compete with Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 and possibly, by September, the Galaxy Note 5. No doubt, due to marketing, the next versions of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will dominate smartphone sales in 2015.

[Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images]