Amber Rose Says Houston Rockets’ James Harden Is Her Valentine This Year, Might Seal The Deal On V-Day

Worried about Amber Rose being lonely this Valentine’s Day? Don’t be. The curvy celebrity appears to already have a valentine all locked up for this year, and it looks to be Houston Rockets guard James Harden. How serious are they? Amber says that the two might well – ahem – seal the deal, as it were, over the weekend.

Once married to rapper Wiz Khalifa, and before that seen alongside Kanye West, Amber Rose has been a fixture in celebrity headlines for quite some time. She and Wiz broke up in an ugly split last year, though, and that split has only gotten uglier in the months since. Wiz has certainly moved on, having been seen out partying with multiple women at the same time, but Amber has reportedly taken the breakup much harder.

Now, though, it looks like Amber Rose has found herself a new boo. Speaking on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club (via TMZ), Rose confirmed that she and Houston Rockets star James Harden have been getting close as of late. In pretty descriptive terms, Rose laid out just where she and Harden are in terms of their relationship.

“I didn’t get the ‘D’ yet,” Amber said to giggles from the radio crew. “I ain’t gon’ lie; I didn’t get the ‘D’ yet. But you know Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. If he acts right… ”

That sound you just heard was James Harden commencing Operation Act Right.

According to Rose, she and Harden just met about a month ago in Vegas, where they “just had a [good] conversation.” Rose isn’t concerned about the possibility that Harden will do her wrong, apparently, and she says it’s not hard for her to attract men, anyway. Imagine that.

“I have a lot of guys that try to talk to me daily,” Rose said, expanding on why Harden is The Chosen One. “It’s easy for me, and I feel like when I met him, me and James, we developed a really good friendship.”

Rose continued, saying that Harden was “an amazing guy,” despite protestations from the radio hosts that Amber might be setting herself up for heartbreak once again.

Amber has been linked to a number of male celebrities since she and Wiz Khalifa broke up some months ago. Not a week has gone by since then without rumors flying about Amber and Chris Brown, Amber and Nick Cannon, and even the possibility of Rose and Wiz getting back together.

None of the rumors have materialized, though, until now. James Harden appears to have hit the jackpot, so long as he plays his cards right. And all this just as the NBA’s All-Star Weekend prepares to kick off.

As to what Wiz might think of Amber hooking up with the Houston baller, Amber essentially said that Khalifa had his chance already.

“I waited for my husband,” Rose told the radio hosts, “I’ve been waiting for him.”

Wiz’s absence, Amber feels, gives her more than enough reason to go and do what she wants to do now.

“If I wanna get the ‘D,'” Amber concluded, “Imma get the ‘D.’ Trust me.”

[Lead image via Entertainment for Breakfast]