Russian Farmer Repays His Bank Loan With Manure

A Russian farmer reportedly repaid his bank loan with a truckload of manure. Alexander Bakshayev said he is angry, as high interest rates have made it nearly impossible to reduce his debt. In an unusual attempt at revenge, the farmer dumped a load of manure on the bank’s front steps.

Bakshayev said he currently owns 70 cows and 20 pigs. Unfortunately, he remains more the $15,000 in debt. As his annual salary is less than $500, making payments is a constant struggle.

As reported by NBC News, the farmer was unable to save the $610 to pay off one of his loans. Instead, he decided to improvise. On Friday, Bakshayev loaded his truck with animal manure and emptied it on the front steps of his western Siberia bank.

The Russian farmer explains why he repaid his bank loan with manure.

“The whole of Russia somehow owes something now to these lickspittle good-for-nothing bankers with nothing to do.”

After dumping the manure, Bakshayev adorned the display with a miniature gallows. He also added several protest signs, which read “bankers are the enemies of the people” and “down with credit slavery.”

Bakshayev insists the manure is worth at least $610 and should cover the remainder of his loan. As reported by My ArkLaMiss, a bank representative said the farmer ought to be charged with “hooliganism.” It is unclear whether the bank will accept the manure as a legitimate form of payment.

Although bank officials are angry, local authorities did not arrest or detain the farmer for repaying his bank loan with manure.

In 2013, a Dade City, Florida, woman launched a similar protest against the county tax office. Julann Roe, 52, paid her entire $11,075 property tax bill in $1 bills and pennies.

As reported by Tampa Bay News, it took five county employees one hour to count the cash. Although the payment was cumbersome, Pasco Tax Collector Mike Fasano determined that the payment was valid and even extended Roe a discount for paying prior to the deadline.

Although she had been vocal in her criticism of government spending, employees at the tax office said she was polite during the unusual transaction. Franco said the woman “just stood there and watched” as they counted her money.

Julann Roe’s method of payment created a lot of work for county employees. However, the western Siberia bank employees were presented with a disgusting mess.

Alexander Bakshayev refuses to apologize for his unusual form of payment. The farmer insists he repaid his bank loan with manure to raise awareness about the hardships faced by Russian farmers.

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