Drake Releases 17-Track Mixtape With Ironic Title, Fans React

Rapper Drake is definitely full of surprises.

On Thursday, the “Take Care” rapper made headlines by releasing a 14-minute short film, which allowed him to flaunt his impressive acting skills in a deep and artistic way.

Hours after the short film, Jungle, was released online and started making waves, Drake apparently decided to make headlines yet again with another big surprise — he released a mixtape.

The title of the mixtape alone is deep and artistic in its own way, especially since it is the perfect mix of creative irony and familiarity — If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.

Drake posted a picture of the cover art on his official Twitter page Thursday night, along with a link to purchase and preview the mixtape on iTunes.

The familiarity of the title might make the average person think of statements made in confessional videos, suicide notes, or even secret messages left behind in the movies for people like special agents, attorneys, and superheroes.

On the other hand, the creative irony of the title could just be directed at fans, critics, and haters. For instance, the fact that you are able to read the title means that the mixtape had already been released. It’s too late — it’s already happened. Endless speculation could read between the lines and create a number of possible conclusions. However, it is at least reassuring to see that there are still recording artists that take the artistry of their work seriously, including the cover art and title of their albums and mixtapes.

Instead of just featuring a collection of random snippets, freestyles, or even remixes of his past hits, this 17-track mixtape was clearly developed by Drake to be enjoyed more like a full-length studio album. It did not take long for the news about the brand new Drake mixtape to start circulating online.

Fans and critics have flocked to Twitter with their honest opinions, reactions and overall comments about If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.

What do you think about the new mixtape released by Drake?

[Image Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images]