Terrell Suggs’ Wife Has Had Enough, Files For Divorce

Terrell Suggs may be great on the field playing for the Baltimore Ravens, but apparently he’s been playing the field in real life, too, explaining why his wife now files for divorce.

Suggs and his wife have been married for a short two years before this news of a divorce. Court papers filed in late December have been released, revealing details of their marriage, including Candace Suggs accusing Terrell of some serious infidelity.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the filings for divorce stated that Suggs “has committed adultery during the marriage and the Plaintiff has not forgiven, or condoned the adulterous conduct.”

The 32-year-old Ravens outside linebacker denies the reports, saying that he “remained faithful to his wife until they separated nearly a year ago.”

Thomas C. Ries, Terrell’s attorney explained, “The allegations she makes concerning Mr. Suggs occurred well after they separated… They were no longer in love and they no longer wanted to be married to one another.”

According to CBS Baltimore, that’s not the only thing Candace has accused her once husband of.

“Suggs’ wife of two years had previously accused him of domestic violence.”

In 2009, before the lovebirds married, Candace accused Terrell of domestic abuse and “filed a request for a protective order claiming he had hit her and spilled bleach on her and their then-1-year-old son.”

Anyone else think that maybe they shouldn’t have gotten married in the first place?

Candace rescinded the order once she and Terrell had worked things out.

In 2012, Candace accused Terrell of “punching her in the neck and dragging her behind his car as he drove away with their two children.”

The two got married less than a month later, after Suggs was forced to “turn over seven guns, including an AK-47.”

In the divorce papers she filed, Candace is asking for full custody of the couple’s two children, ages six and seven. She is also asking for child support and alimony.

Terrell has responded to the request for divorce by filing a response asking for joint custody of his children.

With the divorce papers filed, it’s a far cry from how the couple was feeling back in 2012. Suggs referred to Williams as his “best friend” and “the love of my life,” according to USA Today.

As Candace files for divorce, it is clear to see that this couple just wasn’t meant to be.

[Photo Courtesy of Patrick Smith/Getty Images]