Snooki Without Makeup? Jersey Shore Star Actually Looks Human

Snooki is typically caked in bronzer, adorned with fake eye lashes, and painted with eye shadow, but the “Jersey Shore” star decided to go au naturel this week. Snooki without makeup, AKA Nicole Polizzi, actually looks pretty good when she isn’t hiding behind 8-layers of spray on tan.

Snooki posted a picture of herself without makeup on her Twitter account.

Snooki wrote:

“No make up day :) and IDC (I don’t care).”

After the picture went up, several fans complimented Polizzi and her less trashy appearance. A surprised Snooki wrote:

“Can I just say how amazing my fans/supporters are! You guys really know how to put a smile on my face! Love you all beyond words.”

snooki without makeup

What do you think of Snooki’s natural look? Do you think she looks better like this or when she slathers on the makeup?

Snooki has really been concentrated on her appearance lately. The “Jersey Shore” star has been working out constantly and has already dropped more than 20 pounds. Snooki is also trying to lay off the booze a little more now that she’s 24.

Snookie said:

“I decided to get fit again. I’ve always been very athletic so getting back into it feels good.”

Of course, Polizzi isn’t entirely happy with the natural look. Snooki, who just got a new tattoo, said earlier this month that she plans on getting breast implants.


Snooki said:

“I hope in the next couple of months. They’re a good size now, but I want them like this when I’m not wearing a bra.”

Do you think Snookie looks good without makeup? If you prefer your women to be caked in makeup, check out this video of Sofia Vergara from “The Ellen Show.”