Bobby Shmurda Update: Rapper Still In Jail, Lawyer Calls Case A “Trumped Up” Show

Bobby Shmurda has now been in prison for almost two months. And there is still no hat the prestigious young rapper will be released anytime soon, with his lawyer indicating that discussions are still ongoing regarding his bail application.

Shmurda was originally arrested, alongside numerous members of his GS9 crew, outside of Quad Studios near Times Square in New York City in December. They were charged with numerous offences, including the criminal possession of a weapon. Last month, Shmurda and his posse each pleaded not guilty to these charges, with the gun charges being dismissed.

Confusion then started to reign after Shmurda posted bail only to then withdraw it later. This means that the musician is still in prison, where he has been since before Christmas.

There hasn’t been any comment about his current plight in several weeks. But now Kenneth J. Montgomery, who is working as Shmurda’s lawyer, has provided an update on his client’s case to Complex, via Music Times.

“We’re in that stage where we are trying to get him out on bail,” Montgomery explained. However he believes that the amount of money being requested by the court for Shmurda’s bail is extortionate.

“The average household income in Brooklyn is $44,000,” Montgomery declared. “I think it would be less in the neighborhood that Bobby is from. His bail is $2 million.”

Montgomery also insisted that most of the charges that Shmurda has been accused of are completely fabricated, going on to label them as “trumped up.” In fact, Montgomery proclaimed that Bobby Shmurda is just like every other kid from his neighborhood.

Montgomery revealed that prosecutors believe Shmurda is “a ganger leader and enforcer.” But, he explained that he’s just “a kid,” before adding, “when you listen to these phone conversations, it’s what most teenagers from that neighborhood, in that life would talk about.”

Montgomery went on to declare that Shmurda hasn’t “shot anybody” and “there are no victims in his situation.” Because of this assertion, Montgomery is flabbergasted at the astronomical sum become asked for by the courts. Montgomery labelled the bail set as “excessive,” “unfair” and “ridiculous.”

Montgomery insisted that that Shmurda can’t afford the $2 million sum as he “is not wealthy.” However, despite these setbacks, Montgomery is confident that their next bail application will actually go through.

“I have never presented a bail package or had a client present a bail package that was denied. I think as long as we can get this thing done, I don’t think it will get denied.”

[Image via Vibe]