Who Gave ’50 Shades Of Grey’ Puzzles To School Children?

While there are both fans and haters of 50 Shades of Grey, one thing you would think everyone could agree on is that neither the book nor the movie are suitable for children. So how in the heck did a bunch of Pennsylvania school children get puzzles based on the erotic 50 Shades of Grey?

According to Fox News, parents were “50 shades of red” when they realized that a group of middle school students had been given a 50 Shades inspired word search puzzle.

So what kinds of words were these Monessen, Pennsylvania students looking to find? The 50 Shades puzzles had words like “spanking,” ”submissive,” ”leather cuffs” and “bondage.” But, what’s more is that according to Fox News, those were the cleaner words in the list.

“Other words on the list were more explicit.”

The news of this 50 Shades of Grey puzzle has caught the attention of people throughout the world, with Belfast News reporting that the children affected were “aged between 11 and 13” and that it was unclear “how many students were given a copy.”

So when parents brought it to the school boards’ attention that their children were being exposed to 50 shades of inappropriateness, “they refused to talk when he insisted on recording their conversation.”

One of the student’s parents, James Carter, was understandably outraged, and demanded to know how these children could be given these puzzles, trying first “to question the school’s principal and dean of students.”

Carter told the school board, “I wanted to record the conversation because a lot of parents had questions about it, and I was denied that.”

The Monessen district officials announced that they were not discussing the issue at this time because “they just learned about it Monday,” one day before the school board meeting.

The superintendent, Leanne Spazak, shared that they are still researching how the children got the 50 Shades inspired puzzles to begin with, although one would think it wouldn’t take that long.

Another member of the school board shared that the “puzzle was a big mistake.” No, really?

“It was a huge but unintentional error and collected from the five students involved as soon as it was realized…Unfortunately one copy was taken by a student who then posted it on social media,” said Roberta Bergstedt.

And I’m sure once it hit social media, there were a whole lot more than five students who saw it.

50 Shades of Grey comes out in movie theaters this Friday, in time for Valentine’s Day, and with an R rating, let’s hope that parents have better sense then the Monessen school and keep their kids from it.

[Photo Courtesy of Beginning And End]