Lady Gaga’s Fans Attack India Arie In Twitter War

Lady Gaga’s fans are on the attack, and they’re after India Arie after a smack down, or rather, “swat”-down that occurred at Sunday’s Grammy Awards show.

Lady Gaga was doing her thing working the red carpet, when Arie came to speak to the Pop Art diva. As she went to touch Gaga on the arm to get her attention, Gaga’s security, apparently unaware of who exactly the “Video” singer was, executed the swat seen round the world.

Silly India decided to share her experience on Twitter, stating that Gaga’s security “swatted” her wrist, “clapping something hard” on India’s jewelry.

And then all hell broke loose. Gaga’s fans, also known as her Little Monsters, went crazy, attacking India Arie and accusing her of bashing their precious Gaga.

According to Hip Hollywood, the trouble began when the “blogs picked up the tweet and made a story out of it,” alerting Gaga’s fans and making India feel like she had to respond.

India tried to let everyone know that she was not speakly poorly of Gaga.

India went on to explain her first tweet about the incident.

The Twitterverse soon became aware the “I Am Light” singer was frustrated with the talk that she was bashing Gaga and told a Twitter user to “shut up.”

After what appears to be a night of trying to defend herself and change the topic (but not completely because she kept tweeting about the incident), Arie thanked her fans for the support after being bashed by Gaga’s fans.

The whole incident seems to be blown out of proportion. Lady Gaga, according to eurweb, “didn’t see Arie, in light of all the media that was trying to get her attention.”

[Photo Courtesy of Larry Busacca/Getty Images]