Which Marvel Cinematic Universe Film Will Spider-Man Debut In?

Monday’s Marvel announcement confirmed that Spider-Man is finally joining up with his old comrades over in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Well, technically, he’s being loaned by Sony to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

Marvel and Sony have ironed out a deal that will see Spider-Man/Peter Parker make his debut in a Marvel film before he then gets his own origin story over at Sony in July 2017, and then, presumably, another trilogy.

This means a couple of things; first of all Andrew Garfield and Marc Webb will be replaced as Spider-Man and the franchise’s director, respectively, while it’s also clear that Peter Parker will be appearing in a Marvel film at some point over the next 29 months.

But which film with Marvel’s Spider-Man make his debut in?

Currently there are five Marvel films lined up to be released between now and July 28, 2017. This includes this summer’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Ant-Man, both of which it’s safe to assume have come too early for Spider-Man’s inclusion.

Another Marvel film that is currently in pre-production is the Benedict Cumberbatch led Doctor Strange. But it would be a huge risk for Marvel to include Spider-Man in this film as this is the origin story for the character.

By adding Peter Parker/Spider-Man to the mix it would immediately undermine a character that is already a bit of a risk for the studio. While Cumberbatch is a renowned and acclaimed actor, he is far from box office fodder, while Doctor Strange is also set to take Marvel to mythical and more magical cinematic territory.

Meanwhile 2017’s Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 is set to take place in the outer regions of space. So, logically, it would almost be impossible for Spider-Man to appear in the sci-fi space opera. That’s unless, Spider-Man’s webs are able to shoot a whole lot further than most of us realised.

That leaves only one option: Captain America: Civil War. Which would make perfect sense. Spider-Man is a key figure in the graphic novel story arc that the impending blockbuster is based on, while Chris Evans’ Captain America and Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man are already firmly established in the Marvel universe and will be able to help re-establish Peter Parker.

Spider-Man’s inclusion would also help Marvel in their box-office battle with Warner Bros. and DC’s Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, which is set to hit cinemas just a few weeks ahead of the third solo Captain America film. Plus, the film’s release date of May, 2016 is also perfectly inline with Sony’s 2017 reboot origin story.

In fact Wall Street Journal sources, via Movie Pilot, have already alleged that Spider-Man will make his debut in Captain America: Civil War. Either way, it’s exciting times for both Marvel and Spider-Man fans across the globe.