February 28, 2015
Bobbi Kristina Health Update: Family Releases New Statement As Police Launch Criminal Investigation [Video]

Daughter of Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unconscious more than a week ago. Amid rumors that her life support would be turned off on the Feb. 11 anniversary of her mother's death, her father Bobby Brown has released a new statement, revealed E News.

Brown referred to the public candlelight vigil held Monday night, expressing his appreciation for the show of support.

"We thank everyone that supported the vigil for Bobbi Kristina. God is hearing our prayers," said Bobby.

In addition, her aunt Leolah Brown released her own statement, reported USA Today.

"There are so many signs showing us that she will be OK. Krissi is fine," said Leolah.

Although Bobbi Kristina is still on life support, Leolah said that she is improving.

She's opening her eyes. Krissi is doing well right now. She is.
The 21-year-old has become the subject of a police inquiry on the events leading up to her current hospitalization, even as new information has been released on the precise state of her health condition, reported Fox News.

A week before Bobbi Kristina was found lying with her face down in a bathtub, a 911 call sought help with a reported domestic fight at her home. The daughter of rapper Bobby Brown, Krissy, as her family calls her, lived with Nick Gordon in a gated community. It was a security guard there who made the call.

The guard revealed that a fight had broken out at Bobbi Kristina Brown's home.

"[People are] hitting each other and swinging," he said.

Bobby Brown's attorney, Christopher Brown, responded to allegations that Nick Gordon was the subject of a separate police investigation intended to discover what happened prior to the call for an ambulance. The family also has denied reports that Nick and Bobbi Kristina Brown were married.

"This is a criminal investigation and the integrity of that process requires silence," stated Brown firmly.

Amid all these official police reports, Whitney Houston's mother Cissy Houston has stayed close by her granddaughter's side, as the Inquistr reported.

All three generations of women believed in the miracle of music. Now alone, fighting to reach Bobbi Kristina Brown, Cissy continues to believe.

"Cissy is keeping her hands together and hoping for a miracle. She's hoping something miraculous will happen — anything to wake Krissy up," said a family friend.

She thinks the sound of Whitney's voice will heal Bobbi Kristina.
As for Bobbi Kristina Brown's condition? The closely-knit Houston and Brown families have repeatedly asked for prayers and emphasized that they still hope she can recover, reported Fox 2 News.

Certain facts are known about her state. She lies in a medically-induced coma. However, in addition to the health concerns resulting from how she was found, Bobbi Kristina Brown allegedly has injuries and bruises that have not been explained.

Police asked Nick Gordon about those bruises, said Bobbi Kristina Brown's friend Daphne Barak in an interview with TV personality Nancy Grace.

"Immediately, from the beginning, they asked him about injuries to the chest," revealed Barak. "[Bobbi Kristina] is very tiny."

In addition to Brown's attorney, police have revealed an ongoing criminal investigation. This statement changes their previous terminology, in which they referred to the case as a medical incident.

"I can confirm that we have a criminal investigation ongoing," commented Roswell Police Chief Rusty Grant.

On Monday night, a public candlelight vigil was held, bringing hundreds of people to pray for Bobbi Kristina Brown, reported Entertainment Tonight.

Shayne Brown offered her own insights into the 21-year-old's condition.

She's progressing. She's getting better. We just ask for people to continue to pray.
[Photo By Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]