Bobbi Kristina Brown Update: Whitney Houston’s Mother Seeks To Reach Her Through Miracle Of Music [Video]

Six days have passed since Bobbi Kristina Brown was discovered unconscious in her home, and the world wants to know the latest on the condition of Whitney Houston’s daughter. But reports have provided only grim news to fans and followers. And now, says Whitney’s mother Cissy Houston, the family continues to hold out hope and seek prayers, a source told People.

At 81, Bobbi Kristina’s grandmother initially had not joined those who gathered in her hospital room. But she joined them at Emory University Hospital, looking quiet and calm.

She talked with Oprah about her true feelings on Whitney’s daughter and the family, below.

On life support, Bobbi Kristina lies in an intensive care unit. She is breathing only through with the use of a ventilator. But Bobby Brown refuses to give up hope, revealed a family member.

Although his daughter cannot hear him sing, he is focused on seeking to reach her somehow, someway.

“Bobby has told us, ‘If America thinks she is dead, they will stop praying,'” said a family member. “And at this point, we want people to pray for a miracle.”

So strongly does Cissy believe in miracles that she is singing to her granddaughter, hoping that Bobbi Kristina will hear her, a source told Hollywood Life.

“Cissy is keeping her hands together and hoping for a miracle. She’s hoping something miraculous will happen — anything to wake Krissy up. She thinks the sound of Whitney’s voice will heal Bobbi Kristina.”

Debating on which songs to choose, Cissy decided on Whitney’s “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength.”

“That song powered Nippy (Cissy’s nickname for Whitney) through one of her dark periods, maybe it will help Krissy come back to me,” said the weary grandmother.

But it has been heartbreaking for an elderly woman who first lost her talented daughter at a young age and now fears that she will also have to attend the funeral of her 21-year-old granddaughter, said a source. And it’s also endangered her frail health.

“Poor Cissy can’t handle this. She took one look at Bobbi Kristina and got short of breath,” revealed the insider. “They had to sit Cissy down in a chair in Bobbi Kristina’s room and call a doctor in. She’s alright now — they have her breathing into an oxygen machine to calm her down and give her air.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Bobbi Kristina was excited about the potential of her own musical career before her hospitalization. Her cousin, Jerod Brown, said he had been supporting her musical journey.

“She’s excited. She was real focused. She was ecstatic about her new journey that was embarking on,” he asserted.

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