Eileen Davidson Discusses The Latest ‘Troubling’ And ‘Disturbing’ Episode Of ‘RHOBH’

Eileen Davidson discussed Tuesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in her Bravo blog, starting with what she deemed the “troubling stuff.”

On February 10, Davidson wrote the following in regard to the relationship between Kim and Kyle Richards.

“I felt like it was worth a shot, taking them out to lunch and maybe helping them mend their relationship. I lost my sister such a short while ago, and now that she’s gone, whatever differences we had have disappeared. All that is left is the love you feel and the sadness that you get realizing that you don’t have any more time. Life is so short. I thought maybe I could give them perspective. Clearly, it’s up to them to fix their relationship.”

As for the disturbing stuff, Eileen Davidson claimed she was shocked that Glanville could go so low as to bring Yolanda Foster’s daughter up when speaking of alcohol addiction.

“When Yolanda brings up Brandi possibly having alcohol issues, Brandi doesn’t even hesitate to throw Yolanda’s child under the bus. Is there any line she won’t cross? And just for the record, there have never been any rumors about alcoholism in regard to Yolanda’s daughter. I live in Malibu. One of my kids went to school with the Hadid girls. Never even a whisper.”

Davidson was also curious about what Glanville was hiding when it came to Kim and her recent struggles.

“Lisa R. says, in regard to Kim, ‘Something is going to happen … something already has happened!’ and Brandi says ‘More than you even know.’… What exactly does that mean?”

Eileen Davidson had strong comments for Glanville in her blog last week, as well.

As the Inquisitr reported, Davidson called out Glanville for not being a true friend to Kim Richards, as she previously claimed.

“Kyle was a gracious and lovely hostess, who was clearly excited to be getting all of our gays (oh, whatever) together and, who knows, maybe make a love connection. That happiness flew out the window when Kim walked into the party with Brandi, who, by the way, is acting less and less like a friend and more and more like a mafia enforcer.

[Kim] appears to be getting her days mixed up and continues to side with a woman who habitually insults and provokes her sister. How about that lovely comment about Mauricio? Talk about ‘reckless.’ What about THEIR kids, Brandi? Yuck, ick, creeping me out.”

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