American Sniper Is Tops At Box Office For A Reason

While the trial of the suspect in the murders of Chris Kyle and Chad Littefield at Rough Creek Lodge begins, the Washington Post reports, the film American Sniper is number one in movie theater ticket sales. Chris Kyle, the subject of the movie American Sniper, had been asked by the mom of U.S. Marine Eddie Ray Routh, who was said to have been dealing with PTSD from serving in Iraq, to help him, met Routh at the shooting range at Rough Creek Lodge.

American Sniper has been called a “cultural phenomenon by many due to its huge success at the box office. After dominating the box office sales for three weeks, the very popular film, The SpongeBob Movie, knocks American Sniper out of first place in its fourth week,” the New York Daily News reported two days ago. Despite that, the movie remains the No. 2 movie in ticket sales.

American Sniper could become one of the top grossing films of all time, Philly reports. The total sales for American Sniper could top $365 million in the United States, Philly cites as predicting.

“It’s one of those things that’s in the zeitgeist, and people want to see it. Everybody’s talking about the the film, and people want to be part of the conversation,” Philly quotes Jeff Bock, box office analyst with Exhibitor Relations.

American Sniper has already surpassed the sales of Saving Private Ryan and is expected to be the fourth highest movie in Warner Bros. history. The film has even brought in $79.5 million in sales outside the United States.

U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle, whose autobiography was made into the movie American Sniper, is precisely the kind of American hero that millions of American citizens strongly admire for who and what he is. Americans have great respect for men and women who give up the comfort of life in our country and sacrifice so much to serve in the armed forces and defend our freedom and national interests around the world.

Chris Kyle, at the age of 30, saw the terrorism attacks aimed at the United States around the world, and then the attacks on our homeland on Sept. 11, 2001, and was inspired to serve our country. He enlisted in the Navy and began training to become a Navy SEAL, which led to him becoming the most deadly American sniper to serve in Iraq. He is credited with 160 confirmed kills, including taking out the most dangerous sniper in Iraq from 2100 yards away.

During a time of economic malaise, and perceived weakness around the world under an administration that nearly half the country doesn’t think pursues American interests around the world, the main character in American Sniper is a true American hero for good reason. American Sniper Chris Kyle represents the ideals of service to country and honor that so many Americans want to see come back again. In times like now, Americans are looking for real heroes, who stand for America, defend our freedom, and exemplify American Exceptionalism, and in Chris Kyle of, millions of Americans are finding exactly that. It is no surprise that American Sniper is topping box office sales.

[Image of Bradley Cooper playing Chris Kyle in American Sniper from Philly]