Did Whitney Houston's Death Become Bobbi Kristina Brown's Obsession? Bipolar Symptoms, Depression Revealed [Video]

Joanne Eglash

Did Whitney Houston's death become a potentially deadly obsession for her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown? Sources close to the family revealed that before she was found unconscious in a bathtub, Bobbi Kristina had become increasingly obsessive about how her mother died, reported the Chicago Sun-Times.

Whitney Houston was also discovered unconscious in a bathtub. This year will mark the third anniversary of her death, which occurred at the Beverly Hilton Hotel the day before the 2012 Grammy ceremony.

"She was seemingly obsessed by it — strangely more so than last year or the year before," revealed a source.

"She talked more about that anniversary than her recent first wedding anniversary."

Another Houston family insider reported that Bobbi Kristina exhibited bipolar symptoms.

"There are increasingly obvious indications that Bobbi Kristina is bipolar, and that explains a lot about her mood swings, her ongoing battle with depression and her use of drugs over the past couple of years."

"But isn't that typical of people who are bipolar?" questioned the source.

"Their mood swings can be huge — from big highs to deep lows."

But a Houston family source now says that the family has no plans to stop hoping that a miracle can occur, reported Us Weekly.

Currently in a medically induced coma at the Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Bobbi Kristina relies on machines to keep her alive. And the Houston and Brown families want to keep praying that she can fight and survive, said the source.

"We're just continuing to pray," said Bobby Brown's sister, Tina.

Prior to her hospitalization, Bobbi Kristina had sent texts to a friend revealing her depression, reported Extra.

In a text sent just before she was found, the 21-year-old poured out her heartbreak.

"[The loss of Whitney Houston is a] pain like your heart has been ripped out of your chest," wrote Bobbi Kristina.

"She was and is my everything ma'am. And if you don't think I don't know [what] an ounce of HURT anguish and pain is, you are preaching to the wrong women [sic], because I've lves [sic] in the public eye since I was born."
"I Prayed So Hard For My Niece Krissi. I Am So Full & Drained While Going Thru All This. But The Very One Thing That Is Certainly For Sure-Is That- I Will NEVER Let Go Of ALLAH."

"I am concerned about my niece Bobbi Kristina. Krissy is not safe right now. I want to say to Krissy that it's very, very, very important that she does not trust anybody at this time. Anybody except her father, her grandmother, Cissy, and myself. And I mean that."