Wisconsin Voters Reach 1 Million Signatures, Force Scott Walker Into Recall Re-Election

One million Wisconsin workers angered over the destruction of their collective bargaining rights agreements have signed a recall petition that will force Governor Scott Walker into a recall re-election scenario.

The petition nearly doubled the number of signatures required to begin the re-election process and the one million signatures are nearly the same number of votes the Governor received when he won the Wisconsin governor election in November 2010.

The signatures must now be verified by the state elections board, a process that could take several months to complete. It’s likely that after the signatures are verified a run-off election will occur in June or later.

In the meantime the group that started the petition has also announced that they will soon have enough signatures to also go after Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, along with the lieutenant governor who already has 305,000 signatures against his name and three other Republican state senators

“The collection of more than 1 million signatures is a crystal-clear indication of how strong the appetite is to stop the damage and turmoil that Gov. Walker has caused Wisconsin,” Ryan Lawler, United Wisconsin co-chairman told the Wisconsin State Journal. “In the dead of Wisconsin winter, an army of more than 30,000 Wisconsin-born and -bred volunteers took to the streets, the malls, the places of worship and dinner tables to take our state back.”

Do you believe the Wisconsin voter base made the right decision in collecting more than one million petitions signatures in an attempt to have Governor Scott Walker possibly removed from public office?