‘Jurassic World’: Spoof Trailer Shows Dark Side Of Raptor Training

Jurassic World.

One of the most-anticipated films of 2015.

The return of Jurassic Park. The return of Steven Spielberg as producer. The introduction of Chris Pratt into a Steven Spielberg-produced action-packed, high-budget blockbuster.

However, the first teaser trailer may have confused some fans and critics of the original Jurassic Park trilogy since it focused on raptor training. Fortunately, the popular YouTube channel, How It Should Have Ended (or, HISHE) decided to exploit the raptor training concept a little further in their own now-viral video that places Chris Pratt among the raptors.

There was even a cleverly placed reference to the rumors of Chris Pratt being considered for yet another franchise famously co-developed by Steven Spielberg — Indiana Jones.

While it is true that the movie more than likely will not take this specific direction, it is still very funny and is worth at least giving a second thought.

Keep in mind that one of the most criticized parts of the last Jurassic Park movie — Jurassic Park 3 — was the seemingly endless “conversations” that were taking place between the velociraptors, thanks to their heightened intelligence. Hopefully, that is not the same direction in which Jurassic World is heading.

It is clear, though, that the raptors will play an instrumental role in helping Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, and the rest of the actors & actresses playing their respective roles in Jurassic World to take control of the island and save the day.

While it is true that Chris Pratt will likely not get eaten by the dinosaurs in the movie (as he did in this version created by HISHE), it will be interesting to see exactly how the whole “raptor training” concept plays out on the big screen.

Since Jurassic World is not being released in U.S. theaters until June 12, there are still more than four months remaining before the world will get a chance to find out.

What do you think?

[Image Credit: We Geek Girls]