Niall Horan Wants To Taste Liam’s Toes, Will Tour With Ellie Goulding’s Boyfriend

Niall Horan recently revealed why he would stick Liam Payne’s toes in his mouth. However, funky foot breath isn’t the One Direction star’s biggest problem right now — his former fling with Ellie Goulding continues to place him in some very awkward situations.

According to STV, Niall Horan revealed his freaky fetish for Liam Payne’s feet during a recent interview with Top of the Pops. Niall was asked which member of One Direction he would eat if he were starving to death, and his quick answer made it obvious that he’s thought about this cannibalism scenario before. Instead of saying that he couldn’t possibly eat one of his dearest friends, Horan explained why he would eat Payne.

“I would have to go with Liam because he’s the meatier one. There’s more muscle to him.”

Niall Horan seems to think that Liam Payne is suffering from some sort of sugary foot fungus, because he revealed that he would eat his pals’ little piggies for dessert.

“Toes for dessert!” he exclaimed.

Oddly, this isn’t the first time Niall has talked about eating Liam. As the Inquisitr previously reported, he and Harry Styles came to the conclusion that Liam would make the best meal when they were asked a similar question last November. During One Direction’s appearance on the German show Wetten, dass..?, Styles pointed out that Payne would provide “the most courses.”

Luckily for Niall, he probably won’t ever have to worry about choosing which one of his band mates to eat. However, the singer is currently dealing with a situation that’s almost just as awkward — he’s touring with his ex’s new boyfriend.

McBusted is currently touring with One Direction, and one of the group’s singers, Dougie Poynter, is dating Ellie Goulding. As most Directioners know, Ellie was once linked to Niall. In fact, she almost ruined Horan’s friendship with 1D collaborator Ed Sheeran by hooking up with both guys. Sheeran even hinted that his song “Don’t” is about Goulding cheating on him with Horan.

Luckily, Niall Horan and Ed Sheeran kissed and made up, and, as the Inquisitr previously reported, Ellie Goulding recently claimed that she and Niall are still pals. According to Reveal, Ellie’s new man also says that there are no hard feelings between Niall and himself.

“We’re all big enough and ugly enough to not really care,” Dougie Poynter told AAP Sydney.

“We all have exes don’t we… It’s not a big deal, it’s not like it was a marriage.”

Still, Dougie Poynter better hope that he and Niall Horan don’t end up stranded together on a desert island somewhere — Niall probably wouldn’t feel too bad about turning his romantic rival into a toe kebab.

[Image credit: Niall Horan/Instagram]