Blake Griffin To Have Elbow Surgery On Monday, Possibly Out 2 To 6 Weeks With Re-Evaluation After All-Star Game

The last time most folks saw Blake Griffin in the news, it was because Blake Griffin had pulled his Clippers’ trainer’s head to his crotch, when Griffin knew the broadcast cameras were watching, and the sidelines video went viral, as reported by the Inquisitr. On Sunday, it’s Blake Griffin’s elbow that’s making news, because that’s the day that it was announced that the famous Los Angeles Clippers player has a staph infection in his elbow that will cause him to miss out on the All-Star Game, as reported by ESPN.

The staph infection will be removed from Blake’s right elbow via surgery, says Deadspin.‎ The staph infection is reportedly related to the episodes of bursitis that Griffin has dealt with previously in his right elbow all throughout his NBA career. It’s a malady that has required Blake to have the elbow intermittently drained during the basketball season — with his most recent fluid drainage from the afflicted elbow occurring on February 2 in New York.

Called the best player of the Clippers, all-star forward Blake Griffin is scheduled to have elbow surgery on Monday, reports CBS Sports, which means he’ll miss playing in the All-Star Game and be out indefinitely, with re-evaluation after the All-Star break. The Clippers released the following statement about their star player.

“The Los Angeles Clippers announced today that All-Star forward Blake Griffin will undergo surgery in Los Angeles on Monday, Feb. 9 to remove a staph infection in his right elbow. Griffin will be re-evaluated after the All-Star break. The procedure is scheduled to be performed by Dr. Neal ElAttrache and assisted by Clippers team physician Dr. Steven Shimoyama.”

Coach Doc Rivers talked about Blake Griffin’s elbow situation, and how easy it is to determine when an infection is present.

“You could tell when something is infected. You can just look at it. With a bursa sac, it could just be that too, but it just didn’t look right. [Powell] caught that and sent him early enough — thank goodness. It could be serious. It shouldn’t be, but you have to be very careful with that injury. It’s the unknown. With a sprained ankle, you know 10 days. But with infections, they’re infections, and you just have to be very careful. You cannot mess around with it.”

Meanwhile, while the Clippers’ organization has not said certainly when Blake Griffin will return to the game of basketball, experts predict and tell ESPN that Blake could be out for two to six weeks.

[Image via CBS Sports]