Bathtub Drowning: Like Krissy, Karissa Grandine Was Found In Bathtub After Hubby Drugged Her Fruit Smoothie

The Karissa Grandine case is eerily similar to Krissy’s — a.k.a. Bobbi Kristina’s — bathtub drowning case. Anna Karissa Grandine drowned in a bathtub after her husband gave her a smoothie that was tainted with drugs. According to the Mirror, 29-year old Karissa Grandine died in 2011. She was five months pregnant at the time of her murder. Like Krissy, she was dealing with undesirable situations in her relationship and tried all she could to save an ‘un-saveable’ relationship, while losing her life in the process.

Karissa loved life and her husband very much. She had learned that the devout religious man and church pastor was a cheater but she was hopeful that she could make the relationship work if she tried hard enough.

She couldn’t have been more wrong. Philip Grandine did not want to be in a relationship with his wife, and it was obvious. He had even told people that he thought that marrying her had been a mistake, and he felt trapped as he tried to pursue another relationship with his mistress, a member of his same church.

Karissa also knew that in addition to being a cheater, her husband also had a fascination with online pornography. Trying to keep his desires for outside sex at bay, Karissa installed a block to try to stop her husband from giving in to temptation.

On the last day of her life, her husband suggested she take a hot bath to relax, then offered her a banana smoothie spiked with drugs. He watched as his wife and his unborn child drowned in the bathtub, then pretended to get her some help, knowing that it was much too late.

Karissa’s family finally got justice in 2014, after Philip was convicted and sentenced to more than a decade in prison. And though Krissy is still lying in a coma in the hospital, the case bears a striking resemblance. In Bobbie Kristina’s case, her boyfriend/so-called husband, Nick Gordon, is under suspicion as police investigate the circumstances surrounding her drowning. The 21-year old daughter of Whitney Houston was found lying face down in a bathtub last Saturday. Investigators now believe that she was under the water for at least 15 minutes before Nick’s friend found her. Sources say Krissy was also trying to become pregnant for Nick.

Another bathtub death case that gained nationwide attention involved ex-police officer Drew Peterson, whose wife was found dead in the bathtub. The 2012 Lifetime movie Untouchable was based on Peterson’s story, according to the Inquisitr.

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