‘The Walking Dead’: What You Should Know As The Series Returns

The Walking Dead returns tonight, and with the mid-season premiere, there is bound to be plenty of action surrounding Rick, Daryl, and the rest of the group.

If you’re not caught up with this season just yet, then beware of the spoilers lurking ahead.

When the first half of this season’s Walking Dead ended, we saw the group reunite to a point, though Beth was shot in the head when she decided to make possibly the dumbest move on The Walking Dead this year. Beth stabbed the leader of the hospital group in the neck, forcing the woman’s gun to go off and kill Beth.

One of the things that was up in the air when The Walking Dead‘s first half ended was just how long the show runners were going to focus on the group’s mourning of Beth. A new trailer seems to show that most members will hold a funeral and then begin to move on. As Cleveland.com points out, it seems Maggie and Daryl might be feeling the loss for longer, but The Walking Dead isn’t going to be spending a ton of time on that storyline alone.

Despite the lack of focus on the loss of one of their own, it seems likely that at some point the Walking Dead cast will find themselves at their lowest point this year. After all, the mission the group had to get to Washington, D.C., was a hoax, and now they are simply wandering the countryside, just trying to stay alive.

Entertainment Weekly reports that for his part, Andrew Lincoln said the rest of The Walking Dead’s season is “f—ing nuts.” That seems to hint at quite a bit of action though it seems there will need to be a new villain introduced if that’s the truth. While there is still plenty of danger coming from hordes of the walking dead, the group has figured out how to handle them, for the most part. Comic book fans have long been waiting for the biggest, baddest villain, Negan, to make his appearance, and it seems as if this half of the season might finally have him making his debut.

If Negan does indeed show up this year, it will likely not be in Georgia. While the series has only taken place in that state so far, the group is headed to Virginia now. Will they get there and find some form of safety before everything goes nuts? Or will The Walking Dead throw a roadblock in Rick’s way one more time?