Prince Charles Tells British Muslims: If You ‘Come Here You Should Abide By Our Values’

Prince Charles has taken an unusual step away from political correctness, urging Muslims who come to Britain, and those who are born or go to school there, that they should “abide by our values,” as he kicks off his current tour of the Middle East, starting in Jordan.

The prince denounced the systematic radicalization of young Britons by Islamic fanatics and said they should show more respect to “the values we hold dear.”

The Mail On Sunday reported that Prince Charles is intending to speak to Arab leaders during his six-day tour about the dangers that radical Islam poses, not only to the UK, but also to more moderate Muslim states such as Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

For example, as reported by the publication, the prince will tell the new Saudi king, Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud, to his face that he should stop the 1,000 lashes handed down as punishment to Saudi blogger Raif Badawi for comments which the regime claimed were critical of Islam.

As the future King of England said in a BBC Radio 2 interview this morning, “The radicalization of people in Britain is a great worry, and the extent to which this is happening is alarming, particularly in a country like ours where we hold values dear. You would think the people who have come here, or are born here, and go to school here, would abide by those values and outlooks.”

He added that, to his mind, it was “frightening” that young British Muslims were radicalised by what he dubbed, “crazy stuff on the internet.”

However, despite the Prince’s intentions to speak about human rights abuses in the Middle East, Amnesty International has accused the UK of being “muzzled” by its commercial and strategic links with the kingdom and of failing to object strongly enough to human rights abuses there.

Another subject close to the prince’s heart is reportedly the plight of Christians in the Middle East, who have suffered persecution and massacre at the hands of ISIS and its radical Islamist mentality and methods.

As Prince Charles noted, the time could soon come when there are no Christians in the Middle East at all, as “[t]hey are intimidated to a degree you can’t believe. The tragedy is even greater because Christians have been in the Middle East for 2,000 years, before Islam came in the 8th Century.”

There’s no doubt that Prince Charles will shake the proverbial boat just a little with his comments regarding extremist Islam, which may not be received as well as he hopes by Arab leaders.