Xbox One Screenshot Feature Teased By Spencer, March Or April Update Likely

Xbox One owners have been enjoying the ability to record gameplay video clips since the console first launched at the end of 2013. The ability to take screenshots has been a top requested featured, however. Xbox Head Phil Spencer teased that functionality Friday, suggesting it may be coming sooner rather than later.

The image shared by Spencer via Twitter suggests that the screenshot feature for the Xbox One will function very similar to the "Record That" feature. Console owners will need to double tap the guide button on the Xbox One controller to bring up a quick menu. Then they will press the "Y" button to take a screenshot.

There's no mention on how or if a Kinect voice command will work for the screenshot feature. Still, the ability to take screenshots is something that PlayStation 4 owners have enjoyed since that console launched so it's nice to see Xbox One owners finally receive matching functionality. Spencer can't say when the ability to take screenshots on the Xbox One will be available. However, his sharing now suggests that it could be in the March or April monthly update for the console.Capturing screenshots during chaotic gameplay could be tricky though. It requires holding the "Share" button down on the PS4 controller for at least one second. Double-tapping the Xbox One guide button and then pressing "Y" will take longer unless Microsoft's engineers come up with a quicker method.

The February update for the Xbox One was just released. It adds transparent titles, a controller update to decrease the time it takes to connect, and other features. You can check it out the details in this article previously posted on the Inquisitr.

[Image via Phil Spencer]