16-Year-Old Microsoft Prodigy Dies From Medical Complications

Arfa Karim became the youngest person in the world to be awarded the “Microsoft Certified Professional” title seven years ago when at just nine years old she mastered the company’s programs. Now at 16-years-old we’re sad to report that the girl nicknamed “Pakistan’s girl wonder” has passed away.

According to her parents Arfa died from complications caused by an epileptic stroke.

After becoming certified in Microsoft’s programs the youngster was awarded a trip to Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters where she met various executives and even Bill Gates.

Arfa had hoped to eventually work at Microsoft after completing her studies but became hospitalized because of her illness.

Bill Gates reached out to the girl and her family and even offered to pay her medical care if she would fly to the US for treatment. Doctors however said the trip would be dangerous because she was on a ventilator.

After her death her father thanks Bill Gates for his efforts, he then described his daughter as a spark “that got attention and love from everyone on the globe.”

Arfa Karim had been in a coma since last month when she suffered a seizure.

Our condolences go out to Arfa’s family in their time of grief. She was an inspiration to not only programmers but anyone striving for a dream the world over.