Machine Gun Theme Park Is A Success With Women, People From Other Countries

A machine gun theme park recently opened in Orlando, Florida, just six miles away from Disney World, and it allows visitors to shoot a variety of guns and targets.

According to Fox News, Machine Gun America opened in December of 2014, and it allows people 13 years of age and older to come in and shoot actual machine guns and firearms. Wes Doss, the director of safety and training for the theme park, said that even though Machine Gun America hasn’t been open for a long period of time, it has proven to be a success with people from all over, including those visiting from other countries.

“We have folks from the U.K. and folks from New Zealand—and they’re thrilled because this is an activity this is often illegal or banned in their home country.”

Those under the age of 12 are not allowed to enter any place at the park where guns are being fired, but Machine Gun America does have a spot for them to play video games.

Gun owners are not allowed to bring their own guns to the theme park. However, attendees can pick from a variety of guns to shoot, including MP5s, AK-74s, Beretta CX4s, and Glock 17s. The theme park also offers numerous virtual simulators for its guests to choose, including a western theme and a zombie theme.

Dan Shalloway, one of the owners of Machine Gun America, told Fox News about what targets people usually pick when they come to the park.

“A traditional bullseye is our most popular target followed by Osama bin Laden. We also have a bullseye on a T-shirt that guests can shoot at and then take their shirt home to wear, which is a really fun option.”

Shalloway added that 40 percent of the people who have come to Machine Gun America have been women. The theme park has a special just for them if they don’t know much about guns.

“The Diva Package is great for women who have little experience holding a gun. It includes guns with very little recoil like Heckler and Koch MP5. My wife really loves it.”

And while the theme park wants everyone to have fun, its official website states that the safety of its guests comes first.

“Whether you’re a first time shooter or a gun connoisseur, you can shoot confidently knowing our staff is specially trained and highly experienced. All of our range safety officers have a background in military or law enforcement, ensuring your time at Machine Gun America is focused on the rush and excitement of a shooting experience while our team takes care of your safety.”

How do you feel about a machine gun theme park being open so close to Disney World?

[Image via Machine Gun America]