Prince Charles' Chief Of Staff Calls New 'Born To Be King' Book 'Ill-Informed Speculation'

Most of the allegations and revelations made in a new biography written by Time Magazine's Catherine Mayer, entitled Born to Be King: Prince Charles on Planet Windsor, are nothing than more than "ill-informed speculation," according to a recent statement made by Prince Charles' chief of staff.

The statement came in the form of a letter, published in the Times of London recently.

As royal editor and author Robert Jobson told ABC News, "I think this is an unprecedented move by Prince Charles' chief of staff. It shows by issuing this letter that Prince Charles is pretty furious about the claims that have been made about him."

The book, which is due on bookshelves in America on February 17, makes all kinds of outlandish claims, such as the bombshell that Prince Charles got cold feet the night before he married Diana and almost called the wedding off.

Mayer also claimed in the book that Charles had moments of jealousy towards his two sons, Princes William and Harry, despite the fact he was a good father to them in general.

As Mayer told ABC News, "Prince Charles doesn't often attract the same level of attention as the people around him. His sons and his shining daughter-in-law, will attract these huge crowds."

The letter in the Times was a surprising one, as so far the palace has refused to make any comment regarding the claims made in the controversial new book.

As the letter noted, "His Royal Highness has always preferred not to comment. After half a century in public life, few could be better placed…to understand the necessary and proper limitations on the role (of being King of England)."

Jobson agrees that Prince Charles knows what's involved with the job of being king.

"He knows what it takes to be King. He's done 60 odd years as Prince of Wales. He knows what's expected of him and he knows the limitations of the role," he said.