Prince Charles Allegedly Wanted To Call Off Marriage To Diana The Night Before The Wedding

A new biography written by Time magazine journalist Catherine Mayer, entitled Charles: Heart of a King, goes on sale on Thursday. She claims that the Prince of Wales got cold feet the night before his marriage to Diana, and very nearly called the wedding off at short notice.

According to the new book, which is controversial as it makes a number of claims regarding Prince Charles, among other royal family members, both Charles and Diana got cold feet and sensed that what they doing was wrong.

One of the revelations in the new book is that the night before the royal wedding all those years ago, Charles allegedly proclaimed to his aide, “I can’t go through with it. I can’t do it.”

And it wasn’t only the young Prince who had second thoughts about marrying a woman he barely knew, having dated her for just a few months. Princess Diana was also reportedly wary about Charles’ connection with Camilla Parker Bowles, a woman with whom he had a history.

According to the biography, Diana was “not the jolly country girl he had assumed” she was, but was instead a vulnerable and complex girl with a number of issues, which included an eating disorder, among other issues.

In the midst of Prince Charles’ panic, the aide apparently tried to calm the future King of England, telling him, “I always told him afterwards that if it had been a Catholic marriage, it could have been declared null. Because he wasn’t really [committed], because she started with the bulimia and everything before the wedding.”

At the same time, Princess Diana allegedly found a bracelet intended as a gift for Parker Bowles which had the letters “GF” engraved on it.

To her mind, those letters either stood for, “Gladys” and “Fred,” the pet names the Prince and Parker Bowles had given each other previously, or they stood for “Girl Friday,” another nickname the Prince had given Camilla.

Diana reportedly told her biographer, Andrew Morton, some years later that she too wanted to call off the royal wedding. “I can’t marry him, I can’t do this, this is absolutely unbelievable,” she said.

While the new book has received much criticism from a lot of people, the author, Mayer, hit back, telling the BBC, “I had some help from Clarence House to not only attend events that press could accredit for, but also to talk to members of his inner circle and his friends.”

Whether the claims in the book are true or not, this Prince Charles scandal is something the royal family could well live without at this time.