February 6, 2015
'GTA V' Online Event Rewards Fans With Double RP All Weekend Long

Anyone who is looking to quickly level their characters within Grand Theft Auto V's online multiplayer mode will be happy to learn that Rockstar Games is hosting an in-game event this weekend that gives players the chance to earn RP twice as fast. The developer announced on their Rockstar Newswire blog that a special GTA V weekend event is now underway. Throughout the remainder of weekend, fans will be able to enjoy double RP payouts while playing select missions that were added to the verified playlist earlier this week.

"Starting today and lasting through Sunday, February 8th - get 2X RP in the GTA Online Event Playlist of new Verified Jobs. To jump right in and start earning Double RP, just fire up GTAV and hit the 'Event Playlist' button on the launch screen, or access it via the 'Playlists' section of the GTA Online Start Menu."
While this week's new addition of Rockstar Verified missions for GTA V added 10 new player-crafted missions to the title's official online playlist, only five of those jobs will qualify for this weekend's Double RP bonus. A recent Inquisitr report detailed many of the new verified missions, which include one fan-made job that challenges GTA V to survive a map filled with undead clowns.

Grand Theft Auto V
GTA Online (Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3)

Rockstar Games released informative descriptions of every one of the new Grand Theft Auto V verified jobs on Tuesday. The developer selected the online missions from content that was built by fans using GTA Online's in-game creator tools.

"We've got ten exemplary additions to the pool of Rockstar Verified GTA Online Jobs, including the first batch of creations utilizing the Last Team Standing mode. There are also five additional new Verified Jobs, including a fun and frightful Capture that's among the best we've seen to date."
In order to make the missions playable across all platforms, each one of the new GTA V jobs has been locked to only allow a maximum of 16 players. This allows those playing on last-gen consoles to be able to still enjoy the content. However, GTA V users on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are also still bound to the lower player count, despite the fact that the newer consoles can actually handle twice that many players in a single match.

This weekend's Double RP event for Grand Theft Auto V is now live on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and PS3. GTA V fans will also soon receive more reasons to log onto the game's online servers, as co-op heists have been confirmed to finally release in the coming weeks.

[Images via Rockstar Games]