Bobbi Kristina Brown Update: Bobbi Kristina Had Arrest Warrant Issued For Her Two Days Before Tragedy

The updates about Bobbi Kristina Brown are flowing online, and now the Daily Mail reports that Bobbi Kristina Brown had a warrant issued for her on January 28, mere days prior to her being found face down in her bathtub. The warrant for Bobbi was issued from the Alpharetta Municipal Court due to a failure to appear in court from two weeks prior, whereby Bobbi Kristina experienced a traffic stop by cops on September 9, 2014, because she had been driving her Lexus IS250 with an expired registration. The traffic violation itself was reportedly a minor charge, but the more serious offense was Bobbi Kristina failing to appear in court because of the violation.

Although an arrest warrant is the least of the concerns for the family of Bobbi Kristina, who have reportedly gathered around the 21-year-old to say goodbye to Bobbi Kristina Brown, as reported by People Magazine‎, legal troubles could lend themselves as clues into Bobbi's state of mind prior to her tragic drowning. The largest violation for a traffic offense such as the one Bobbi Kristina faced was a maximum $2,500 fine, and having the car impounded -- with repeated violators facing 12 months in jail.

The warrant for Bobbi Kristina's immediate arrest meant that she would've been jailed for up to three days until a court hearing to hear the charges for the traffic violation. That warrant has been dismissed against Bobbi Kristina due to her tragedy. However, Nick Gordon -- a man who has been called "not the best influence" on Bobbi Kristina, and one who had his cell phone seized and a restraining order placed against him by the Houston Family, as reported by the Inquisitr -- is set to appear in court on Monday for charges of driving recklessly.

The family of Bobbi Kristina had a fight that led to 911 calls, reports 11Alive,‎ who has a recording of the 911 call that was made at approximately 12:30 a.m. Friday at the W Midtown Atlanta Hotel, wherein a birthday party for Bobbi Kristina's father, Bobby Brown, led to a fight between Shayne Brown and Tina Brown. It was an altercation that involved one person spitting in other person's face and cuts from a glass at the bar.

The melee surrounds the sad news that physicians have reported told Bobby Brown that it's time to let Bobbi Kristina go, says TMZ, although the family is still praying for a miracle.

[Image via the Inquisitr]