February 6, 2015
Ryan Gosling Rejoins Twitter, Goes On Tweet Spree, Says He's 'Bambi On Ice'

If you thought you were prepared to see Ryan Gosling on your Twitter timeline, think again.

Gosling's Twitter was abandoned on April 11, 2013, but now Ryan, the "hey girl" of the memes, has decided to jumpstart his digital media presence once again. The decision is just before press gears up for his directorial debut Lost River, which stars his partner Eva Mendes, Christina Hendricks, Saoirse Ronan, and Matt Smith.

Since then, Gosling has been tweeting up a storm, and as expected, some of his tweets are downright weird and goofy -- just like the star's unconventional persona.

Ryan kicked it off with a tweet about his polarizing film, and once he got attention from fans, he was already on a roll. At one point, he questioned whether he was just clogging up fans feeds.

Here's a taste of what else he's been tweeting since earlier today.

And here's a taste of the fans reactions to Gosling rejoining the Twitterverse.

Are you excited about Ryan Gosling rejoining Twitter? Do you think the internet will ever be the same again? Let's see how long Ryan keeps his Twitter spree up after press dies down from Lost River.

[Image via DFree / Shutterstock.com]