'House Of Cards' Star Lands New Gig: Is Doug Stamper Dead And Gone For Good?

Season 3 of House of Cards debuts on Netflix on February 27 and fans cannot wait to get going with their binge watching. The last that viewers saw, Doug Stamper had been hit over the head with a brick and left in the woods to die. Is Doug really dead? The show hasn't confirmed anything one way or another, but there are signs pointing to the character's demise.

Michael Kelly has starred in House of Cards since the beginning, playing Francis Underwood's right hand man Doug Stamper. Things spun a bit out of control in Season 2, however, when he got a bit obsessed with Rachel Posner. After a brutal confrontation she hit him several times with a brick and he laid motionless in the woods. There was a wee twitch in his eye, so the door was seemingly left open for him to stick around.

Kelly has played coy in the time since the episode was posted regarding his character's presumed demise. Whenever he was asked, he said he didn't know or that fans had to wait. In a chat with HuffPost Live, the actor said he loved the role and would love to be back, but that he didn't know one way or the other at the time of the talk.

However, it's not looking good. Though only some details regarding Season 3 have been made available in IMDb, Kelly is not listed for anything beyond the first two seasons. Interestingly, however, Kelly AuCoin joins the show for a handful of episodes in Season 3 playing a character named Gary Stamper. Could he be related to Doug, popping up to try to figure out what happened?

As Deadline reports, Kelly has now booked a role in a film titled The Secret in Their Eyes. The movie stars Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts and Chiwetel Ejiofor. He also has movies coming out titled Everest and Viral. Given those projects, it would seem that Kelly has been perhaps a bit too busy to also still be filming as Doug Stamper, much to the disappointment of fans.

One way or another, many fans will find out over the weekend of February 27 as Season 3 is released in full on Netflix and viewers push through the next 13 shows. Though House of Cards has not been renewed for Season 4 yet, many expect news may come soon. It was right about this time last year that Netflix announced Season 3 was a go.

Where are Francis Underwood and his wife Claire headed in in this next season? Early previews have shown that it's going to be another action-packed season and fans can't wait. Season 3 of House of Cards episodes will be released on Netflix on February 27.

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