February 6, 2015
'Grey's Anatomy' Spoilers: April And Jackson Face A Difficult Decision, Meredith Plans A Visit With Derek

Fans were left hanging Thursday night on Grey's Anatomy as April and Jackson waited for Arizona to give them the test results regarding their unborn son's health. Does the baby have the devastating version of osteogenesis imperfecta they fear? What Grey's Anatomy spoilers are available for the next episode airing on February 12?

As the last episode ended, viewers saw Arizona's dire facial expression and Dr. Hermann was brought in to talk with April and Jackson as well. Frankly, things do not look good at this point. Grey's Anatomy spoilers via the TV Guide synopsis indicate that Jackson and April will have to make a difficult decision regarding their son in the next episode titled "All I Could Do Was Cry."

As the sneak peek shared on the show's Facebook page reveals, Jackson will make his way to the chapel at one point. Another part of the short clip shows April crying in Jackson's arms, saying that maybe God won't take their baby and maybe there will be a miracle.

While the couple has been struggling to agree on what path to take should their son have Type II OI, a recent interview may well give a bit of insight. Sarah Drew recently talked with Access Hollywood and seemingly spilled a few beans.

Drew, who plays April, talked about how she spent a long day on the Grey's set recently going through the scenes of her giving birth and delivering. Just a few hours later, Drew gave birth to her daughter Hannah in real life. As the actress explained, Hannah was born early, and things were difficult for a bit as she had some early health challenges.

Given that interview, it would seem that even if Jackson and April's baby boy has the more devastating type of the disease, which fans are guessing he does, the couple agrees to move forward with the pregnancy and lean on her faith. Will the baby somehow survive? It's too early to know that for certain, but fans are worried.

As for other aspects of "All I Could Do Was Cry," Richard and Catherine run into one another at the hospital while Meredith works on finding a sitter for Bailey and Zola so she can go visit Derek in Washington, D.C. In addition, Amelia will be working with Stephanie, and she's going to try out a tough-love approach on her.

While there are multiple storylines playing out right now on Grey's, of course, it is the developments with April and Jackson's baby that are garnering the most buzz. Tune in to the Season 11, Episode 11 show of Grey's Anatomy airing on Thursday, February 12 to see just what comes next.

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