NBC’s ‘Constantine’ Did Not Make The Press Release Of Renewed 2015 Shows, What’s Next?

Constantine, or John Constantine: Hellblazer, made its big debut on October 24, 2014, as the Inquisitr reported. It excited those who religiously followed the 300-issue original Hellblazer comics. It has spawned a second series simply titled Constantine, a Keanu Reeves film, and is part of the comic series Justice League Dark. For some, Keanu Reeves sunk the franchise, but sadly the TV show has not done well either. The NBC premiered to disappointing numbers and has been a rocky ride ever since.

Despite the rabid following, and hashtags to save the show, it does not look good for the “master of the dark arts.” NBC cut the first season short to 13 episodes. So, where does the fledgling magic show stand?

Blastr reports that NBC had a press release Thursday, and Constantine was nowhere to be seen, leading many to say that fat lady has sung for the demonologist and exorcist. The shows listed in the NBC’s press release were, Law and Order: SVU, Grimm, The Blacklist, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D.

However, ComicBook.com suggests that this is not the spell-laced kiss of death for Constantine. Even though a show like Grimm has had mediocre ratings, it has the test of longevity on its side. It is currently in its fifth season. With shows like Supernatural and Grimm sharing some similarities in subject matter, some have suggested this is the reason NBC’s Constantine has lagged. Others still have complained that it does not accurately depict Vertigo’s Constantine: Hellblazer very well.

According to Christian Today, Constantine has two episodes left in the first season. The finale looks to conclude the “Rising Darkness” plot, and also brings back Papa Midnight, Jim Corrigan, Manny the angel, and, of course, Chas and Zed. It airs February 13, or Friday the 13. Perhaps, for the “Master of Dark Arts,” that is a good sign.

If the NBC show does not work for John Constantine, Bleeding Cool says that the original John Constantine: Hellblazer comic is starting back up. If that does not titillate Constantine fans, many reports have suggested that Guillermo Del Toro’s Dark Universe, or Justice League Dark to comic fans, is likely to have the British exorcist in it.

Matt Ryan, who plays the NBC’s Constantine, has also said he would be interested in starring in a film as the DC/Vertigo character.

Whatever the reason, as far as NBC is concerned at this moment, the fate of Constantine is up in the air. Perhaps, the charming con-man that is Constantine can persuade Dr. Fate to give him another season. Anyone who does not get the joke, take a few page turns through the DC Universe. It will be a lot more amusing.

[Image Via DeadbeatsPanel/Creative Commons]