February 6, 2015
WWE News: Triple H Calling For A Big Push For Cesaro And Tyson Kidd, Both Set To Be Champions Soon?

It seems that both Tyson Kidd and Cesaro have impressed WWE officials as of late. WWE Executive Triple H is calling for both men to get a big push soon. The two have been teaming up for around a month now, and they've been quite impressive in their short time together. WWE fans like them both, but neither has been able to break out as of yet.

Both have been champions in the past in either singles or tag team, and now they could be once more.

According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE asked the two of them to come up with a good team name. They chose "The Brass Ring Club," which is sort of a dig at Vince McMahon for what he said about the brass ring on the Stone Cold Podcast in November. Both have been unofficially using it, but WWE may allow it soon. It is said that the two are being allowed to come up with several ideas because a push is coming for both men soon.

WWE would like to push the two of them to into WrestleMania 31 to capture the WWE Tag Team Championship, so it is expected we'll see a lot more of them in the coming weeks. They will also go over a lot of people. We could also see longer tag team matches to bring in even more fans for them. The idea is that the two can be a big heel tag team that can help rival the Usos.

WWE does not have a lot of tag teams as it is, so allowing both Cesaro and Tyson Kidd to stand out within one is helpful to both men. It is speculated that the two of them wouldn't have a lot to do if they weren't in this team. WWE sours on Cesaro a lot when it comes to singles runs, and Tyson Kidd has rarely gotten an opportunity to shine in his career.

Tyson is a former tag team champion, but once his partner Harry Smith left WWE he was pretty much trapped in a standstill with nothing to do. He tagged with Justin Gabriel after a while and then got hurt. Once cleared to return to the ring, he was then put on WWE NXT to help younger talent while also showing what he was made of himself. Meanwhile Cesaro has been hot and cold as a singles star despite holding the United States Title for a long amount of time at one point.

This partnership could end up saving both men and help them stand out more. Now that there is a push coming, we can expect them to see a lot more time on TV, and they might be able to make it in singles when the tag team does finally break up. We'll have to see what WWE does with the two, but pushing someone to gold is rarely bad for a talent.

[Lead image via Boom Stick Comics.]