‘The Bastard Executioner’ Filming Reportedly Set To Begin In March, Fall Premiere Anticipated

Sons of Anarchy guru Kurt Sutter is now working on a new show called The Bastard Executioner for FX, and folks are anxious for updates regarding the new project. From the sounds of things, the show is working on casting and will start filming soon, though specific details have been a bit scarce. What’s the latest regarding TBX?

A report via the International Business Times recently indicated that The Bastard Executioner filming would begin in March. Some Sutter fans were a bit unsure about this schedule, as the network and players involved seemingly haven’t released that update themselves. However, now it would appear that this may be an accurate timeline.

Since the March filming tidbit emerged, both Sutter and director Paris Barclay have shared the initial report via their social media pages. Sutter teased, asking followers if they’re ready for TBX as he shared the IBT link and fans are, indeed, ready. In addition, Rolling Stone has now reported the March filming tidbit as well.

Barclay and Sutter recently spent quite a bit of time in Wales scouting filming locations, and Barclay even shared a photo via Instagram showing an office in Wales and he said the TBX offices were open for business. He tantalized fans by saying everybody had to get ready, because here they come.

Another recent social media post by Sutter indicated that he was back in London working on casting. At this point, that seems to be the big question: who will be cast in this new show? Sutter said that FX loved the pilot script and they’ve clearly done plenty of location scouting, but just who will they have acting in this new show?

So far all that has been officially revealed is that Sutter’s wife and Sons of Anarchy star Katey Sagal would be involved in some way. Kurt has indicated that he would be focusing on British actors for this project, since the show is a period drama telling the tale of one of King Edward II’s warrior knights from 14th century England.

Given a March filming start, most would anticipate that detailed casting news will be emerging soon. The slate may be one that is mostly new to American viewers, but everybody seems anxious to trust Barclay and Sutter and go along for whatever ride they prepare.

This show will be no Sons of Anarchy, given the setting that is an entirely different premise, but SOA fans are definitely buzzing about Kurt Sutter’s new project and can’t wait to sink their teeth into more details. Stay tuned for more updates regarding FX’s The Bastard Executioner, which is believed to be slated for a fall 2015 premiere.

[Image via Huffington Post]