‘The Bastard Executioner’ Update: Kurt Sutter Shares Progress Report On First Post-‘SOA’ Show

Many fans are still mourning the end of Sons of Anarchy, which wrapped in December. Show creator Kurt Sutter is now focusing on a new show called The Bastard Executioner, and it seems he is reaching a point of some solid and exciting progress. What’s the latest on this new show?

On January 7, Sutter shared that the first draft of The Bastard Executioner was headed over to the studio and network. He quipped that he always assumes every script he does will be the one where they discover he is a fraud. From the sounds of things, however, that is not how the reactions played out with the new TBX script.

Just days later, on January 12 to be exact, Sutter tweeted that both FX and 21st Century Fox “dug the first draft of #TBX.” He said he’s now starting to work on the next pass. Not only that, but he and his team are ready to start moving forward on casting.

Sutter had previously revealed that his wife and Sons of Anarchy star Katey Sagal would be involved in The Bastard Executioner to some extent, though it’s not known at this point what Katey’s role will be. Paris Barclay, who worked with Katey and Kurt on SOA in directing and producing roles, is also digging into things with TBX. Sutter indicated that Barclay will now start to tackle the casting component of the new show.

The show will revolve around a medieval executioner under King Edward III. The main character has retired from fighting due to turmoil and burnout, but he is pulled back into things whether he likes it or not. The show will be set in the 14th century and Sutter plans to use primarily British actors and actresses on the project, notes Nerdcore Movement.

As Sutter focuses on writing the pilot, it seems that Barclay is already working ahead. He recently tweeted a photo along with a note that he was headed to Wales and he used the “#TBX” hashtag. Though there is a lot of work to be done before viewers can tune in to the pilot of The Bastard Executioner on FX, clearly, the process is moving along.

Obviously Sutter’s new show will be a very different beast than what viewers got with Sons of Anarchy. However, many SOA fans are thrilled to hear that the studio and network are pleased and they can’t wait for further developments.

Filming is expected to take place this spring, with a fall 2015 premiere date anticipated. Stay tuned for more news and developments regarding The Bastard Executioner as Kurt Sutter and his team move forward.

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