Justin Timberlake Chooses His Best SNL Sketch And It’s Hilarious

Justin Timberlake has hosted Saturday Night Live numerous times over the years. Perhaps that it is why it did not surprise many people to hear that he will be one of the featured guests appearing on the highly-anticipated 40th Anniversary Show on February 15.

Past and present cast members & hosts are being featured in such magazines as Glamour, Hollywood Reporter and Gotham promoting the anniversary show by discussing their own experiences with the long-running NBC sketch comedy series.

After hosting Saturday Night Live five times, the “Take Back the Night” singer has definitely generated a nice-sized collection of hilarious clips and sketches over the years.

E! Online reports that Justin Timberlake revealed the one sketch that he considers to be his No. 1 favorite — “Immigrant’s Tale.”

Many SNL fans and critics might think that Justin would have gone with another choice, such as “D**k in a Box,” “Homelessville,” “Liquorville,” or any sketch that he performed alongside Jimmy Fallon as Barry Gibbs.

Timberlake explains exactly why “Immigrant’s Tale” is his favorite.

“It’s 20-to-1 me making jokes about myself.”

Playing the role of “Cornelius Timberlake,” a man traveling by boat to America, Justin got a chance to tell his friends about his great-great-grandson and all of the things that he imagined he would be able to do.

What became obvious from the start was that (as Justin said) he was making jokes about himself.

Referencing everything from his relationship with Britney Spears to the criticism behind the concept of the hit song “Sexy Back,” Justin Timberlake proved that he could have fun on Saturday Night Live — even when it came to spending several minutes literally making fun of himself.

What is your favorite SNL sketch?

[Image Credit: Phootos Celebrities]